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AMSAT Italia



data: 6 Agosto 2010     ESRIN


AMSAT Italia and ESA ESRIN agree the following :

  • AMSAT Italia to provide to ESA well in advance the planning of radio amatorial events between schools in Italy and other European countries and the ISS;

  • AMSAT Italia to confirm the week before the final scheduling and modality of the event and to provide information about the school involved;

  • AMSAT Italia to provide either the video or audio streaming during the event;

  • ESA ESRIN to promote the Italian school events on the Italian section of the Portal with link to the streaming and to archive them in a relevant page;

  • ESA ESRIN to inform other entities at ESA of school events in other countries for their possible usage in the relevant country pages.
  • For AMSAT Italia : Francesco De Paolis - Secretary
  • For ESA ESRIN :